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Providing the Compass to Your Financial Future

Carla Campbell CPA CFP® has over 20 years of experience working with affluent clients. Success should be managed responsibly and diligently. Carla works with each client setting a course for continued financial success. Discussion points may include:

  • Developing sound financial goals and timelines
  • Life planning - advice during transitions such as job and family status changes and eldercare
  • Determining your personalized asset mix to grow and protect wealth
  • Understanding risk tolerance and the relative expected rate of return
  • Determining which investments* to own in tax free, tax deferred and taxable accounts
  • Analysis of employee stock option plans and investment* of the proceeds
  • Tax planning to maximize what you keep
  • IRS and CA FTB representation
  • Creating a retirement plan, and income distribution planning
  • Consolidating accounts
  • Estate planning and beneficiary choices
  • Understanding insurance - what type and appropriate amount (including life, long-term care, disability and even property, casualty and health insurance)
  • Creating a sustainable family budget and emergency fund
  • Evaluate leasing vs. buying vehicles
  • Mortgage refinancing analysis
 *Investment services are offered by Carla Campbell through her affiliation with HD Vest.