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Wealth Management Issues

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Cash Flow & Debt Management

  • Matching inflows & outflows
  • Systematically & proactively reduce debt
  • Set priorities & create a plan

Investment Management

  • Mirror investment selection to risk profile
  • Match goals & objectives to specific  strategies
  • Tax-smart asset location
  • Monitor & re-balance accounts as conditions change
  • Review correlation of investments

Special Situations

  • Planned or unplanned events requiring cash
  • Inheritance
  • Caring for loved ones

Family Risk Management

  • Transferring risk from family to insurance company
  • Protect family from catastrophic events

Education Planning

  • Pay for future education from today's income
  • Maximize education tax benefits
  • Financial aid responsibility

Business Planning

  • Maximize owner benefits
  • Minimize owner taxes  
    • Key person insurance
    • Tax planning & preparation

Retirement Planning

  • Build a retirement savings that matches life expectancy
  • Accumulation phase - maximize contributions
  • Preservation of principle
  • Distribution phase - minimize risk & taxes
  • When and how to take Social Security
  • Protect my income

Estate Planning

  • What happens to your assets when you die?
  • How do you want to be remembered?