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Carla Campbell, CPA CFP®

Carla Campbell, CPA CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Carla Campbell shines when it comes to working with high-net-worth women, families, and individuals to build wealth, reliable retirement income streams and enduring legacies that stand the test of time.   

Her success, like yours, did not happen overnight – or by accident.

Carla’s career began in the mid 1980s when she earned her accounting degree. Earned and not received because it took her six years of classes -- while working full-time -- to achieve it.

With equal determination, she then earned her Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner credentials. More on this rare combination in a moment.

Before starting Campbell Wealth Advisors, her tax and financial advising practice in 1991, she worked for the state of California conducting financial audits. She earned that experience, too, by commuting 200 miles a day – for three years.

Along the way she earned multiple financial advising professional designations.

Do you see a pattern here?  

More recently, believing women weren’t getting the investment education they need, she decided to curate a seminar series.

The value of retirement planning will focus on the unique challenges – such as prolonged retirement and Long-Term Care costs -- that women often disproportionally face.

Carla has built her long career on grit, integrity, and accomplishment. She’s earned her success every step of the way.

But arguably, her secret sauce are her skillsets.

As a financial advisor and a practicing CPA tax professional, with Carla you literally get two professional-grade skillsets in one person. She knows wealth accumulation and income distribution and of course taxes. 

Less than 12 percent of all financial professionals in the United States, according to available data, hold these dual designations.   

When not working days, nights and weekends for her clients, Carla enjoys sailing, sportfishing, travel and spending time with her dog, Duke, a Frenchton. 

Carla supports the Encinitas Community Resource Center, which serves North County San Diego communities with housing, food, and emergency services.

If Carla sounds like the kind of person and financial advisor you’d like to work with, contact her today to schedule an appointment.